Wednesday, July 13, 2011

US and French Ambassadors visit opposition demonstration in Hama

France, led by Nicolas Sarkozy, the most ardent supporter of Zionism in political power outside of Israel is increasingly aligning itself in support of US policies to support and maintain the US/Zionist colonial structure in the region.
In a symbolic show of solidarity, U.S. ambassador Robert Ford and French ambassador Eric Chevallier visited Hama to put pressure on Assad not to crush the protest.

Syria condemned Ford's visit as incitement and proof that Washington was playing a role in 15 weeks of unrest which have challenged Assad's grip on power.
In a clumsy and shortsighted move, the ambassadors from the US and France actually announced that they would come to observe a planned demonstration against the Syrian government in Hama and then actually came. Those actions certainly increased the level of excitement and led to a bigger turnout - but have now clearly associated the entire movement with foreign supporters.

Syria can function with Hama holding demonstrations for as long as they feel inclined before the demonstrations die down. Hama is not Cairo. Hama is also not Benghazi. Syrian forces are well able to prevent the entrance to the city of any supplies that could help stage a rebellion.

I guess the US and France hope Saudi influence will be able to emplace a pro-US/Israel interim government after Assad and that Saudi money will be able to accomplish a pro-US/Israel outcome to any elections afterwards. Both of these hopes would actually be very hard to pull off, even if Assad were to somehow be forced out of power.

Syria could have stopped the visit which was announced publicly before the demonstration happened, but seemingly saw the US and France preparing to hand it a free propaganda victory and graciously accepted the gesture.

The US/Zionist colonial structure that now contains Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Kuwait and others is not maintained by clever policies or deft persuasive efforts. The US is again showing that it has a severe shortage of cleverness. The colonial structure is maintained by the blunt force of money and guns.

We're seeing, especially in Egypt, what happens when the money and guns start proving to be insufficient.

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