Thursday, July 07, 2011

Joe Lieberman thinks a day of reckoning is coming for Iran

Joe Lieberman, who is probably the US' most staunch supporter of Zionism in elected office, claims that Iran has an unpopular government that the US should confront.
I would say that a day of reckoning is coming for this extremist regime in Iran, when a majority of Iranians who really yearn for freedom can see this dream come true. And I hope we do everything we can to make this happen as soon as possible.
He's seen the polls that say otherwise. This is a willful ignorance on his part. A distortion that is calculated to lead to continued US dollars and lives being sacrificed for Israel.

The good news is that the US is becoming increasingly less reliant on people like Lieberman to filter news and analysis about the Middle East.

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Unknown Unknowns said...

I think it appropriate for my first (hopefully of many) post(s) on your blog, Arnold Jaan, to be the following:

Joe Lieberman is an a$$hole :D