Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thoughts on articles suggested by commenters

I often run out of things to write because while most Westerners wildly misunderstand the Middle East, it is only because they misunderstand a small number of specific things:
    1) Right now we're waiting on Egypt, which is by far the current situation with the most potential to reshape the Middle East.
    2) The Western position on Iran's nuclear program is literally indefensible.
    3) There is a string of colonies that the US maintains, for Israel's sake, over Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE and others.
    4) The US' relationship with those countries and with the rest of the region is both indefensible by the US' own values and massively costly.
    5) If the US was to lose its control of those colonies, Israel as an enforced Jewish political majority state would not be viable the way South Africa as an enforced White political majority state was not viable.

There may be some other statements I've missed, but from a Western foreign policy perspective, that is a summary of Middle East and I often feel like I'm writing combinations of those five statements in article form over and over. Because of that, I've invited anyone who comments on my blog to suggest articles for me to write about.

Pirouz_2 has accepted that invitation.
By the way, I remember you were saying that you wouldn't mind commenting on any articles we suggest. Recently I read the following article by Samir Amin about Egypt. I was wondering what is your take on it:
I've read the article and will read it again to put my thoughts into a post later today. I reiterate my invitation to anyone reading this who has any suggestion about an article on the internet.

I also wonder, for those who read or comment here, what small number of statements you would present to summarize the state of the Middle East. What you would add to or change in the list I wrote above.


lysander1 said...

Egypt Update. Was speaking this morning (PST) to cousins who were at Tahrir yesterday and today. The Police force failed miserably at crowd dispersal so now the Army is trying to push people out of the square and are using extreme force. A new type of teargas, made in Israel according to my cousin, is being used and is resistant to traditional countermeasures such as vinegar and soda that worked previously. The only positive development is that the Army is quickly loosing its moral authority and its popularity among the public. Calling themselves "guardians of the revolution" is becoming a sick joke.

I do not know how far the Army will go in trying to suppress the demonstration. I also do not know if the demonstrators start to fight back with weapons (smuggled in from Libya?) If so, it would be a disaster and could quickly spiral into a situation like Syria.

While many of my relatives and countrymen and women are risking their lives for Egypt, I'm safe and sound at home.

Lidia said...

As far as I know the impact from Israel gas could be helped by onion

I understand your feeling - you sure do not want more blood spilled in Egypt. But it could not be something like  Syria. USA/Saudis support generals in Egypt, very unlike their position regarding rulers of Syria

lysander1 said...

Thanks Lidia, I'll pass that on at once. Any special preparation?

Pirouz_2 said...

Thanks a lot Arnold. Much appreciated. I really would like to increase my knowledge about the developments in Egypt, therefore I am very curious to know various informed opinions.
By the way Lysander, how much do you know about the April 6th movement? Who are their leaders (are they really the ones counted by Wikipedia)? and have you heard of any connection between April 6th movement and Otpor?

Lidia said...

Just cut an onion and smell it. I hope :( it is the same gas so it could be useful. 

Arnolds better said...

Its funny how i broke you and you gave up on this site :)