Friday, February 05, 2010

I-don't-care-about-copyright notice

I haven't given much thought to copyrights, I've recently seen an article on another page that gives permission for reprinting as long as there is a sentence and link informing the reader of the source.

I may change my mind later, but I'll commit that for anything I write any time in 2010 or earlier, everyone has permission to copy any part or all of any writing that I put on, with or without attribution, for commercial or any other use, in original or altered form, now or at any time in the future.

Or if you prefer something more formal, I license everything I put onto this website under creative commons attribution license, only choosing that because cc does not have a license that does not require attribution.

This does not apply to anything any commenter, named or anonymous, other than myself puts on this website. Commenters own their own copyrights and can exercise or reserve their rights as they see fit.

I'd love a comment in any article that anyone copies or an email, but that isn't a term or condition or anything.

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