Monday, July 04, 2011

Gaza flotilla setbacks

Thanks in part to intense lobbying in favor of the siege of Gaza by the Obama administration, flotillas toward the Palestinians have been, so far, unsuccessful in either delivering cargo or confronting Israel's siege forces.
"The flotilla is still going on," said Mr Plionis, a spokesman. "We are sure there has been Israeli involvement in the Greek government's decision.

"The Israeli government has exerted pressure on the Greek government, as has the United States, and the Greek government has bowed. We consider that the siege of Gaza has been exported to the Greek shores."
This victory for Israel has little or no strategic importance. The question in the region is still what will be the policies of a future Egypt that has voted itself out of the US/Zionist colonial structure in the region.

Unless Egypt resolves the problem, which could happen by this time next year, either organizers against the siege will eventually recreate in some sense the flotilla confrontation of 2010 or the US and Israel will spend a continuous and increasing amount of their influence preventing that from happening.

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