Monday, July 11, 2011

France wants Gaddafi out of Libya, but has no idea what the people of Libya want

This is a crazy thing for the people of Libya to be dying over.
"We ... are delighted to say that in Malabo, the summit of the African Union delivered a public statement which is closer (to) the position of France and the coalition than before," Alain Juppe told reporters in Addis Ababa.

"We agreed that we must now find a political outcome to the situation in Libya and this solution implies a genuine ceasefire and also an inclusive national dialogue between all the parties," Juppe said.

"The key point is the withdrawal of Kadhafi from power, from his military and civilian responsibilities and we agreed to work all together to reach this goal," Juppe added.
Barack Obama and Nato's insistence that Gaddafi be removed from power, based on nothing more moral or strategic than "Mubarak lost power, so Gaddafi should go too" is primarily a horrible waste of human life. Elections easily could have been held by now after which we would see whether or not there is a national vision in Libya that has more support than Gaddafi's.

The fact of the matter is that Tripoli is more populous than the base of the rebellion and it is completely plausible that more Libyans support the current government than oppose it. We should be finding out, but instead we are seeing an emotional reaction to the possible loss of Egypt from the US/Zionist colonial structure. We can only imagine what kind of spastic and destructive response we'll see when what we call Saudi Arabia shows signs of escaping.


George Carty said...

Is avenging Lockerbie not a good enough reason to remove Qaddafi from power?

lidia said...

Is believing propaganda about Lockerbie good enough to defend one more imperialist criminal war?

if Libans were to start "avenging" all Western crimes against Libya, there would be almost no one Western state spared. Not mentioning other victims of the West and Israel.

But, I suppose, non-whites are not qualified to avenge the very real crimes against them, unlike whites.

George Carty said...

Who do you think was really responsible for the Lockerbie bombing then? And also the destruction of a UTA DC-10 over Niger?

lidia said...

I do not know who was responsible, but the "trial" was a farce.

Anyway, if one starts to count people murdered by USA, including the downed Iranian plane, there will not be enough USA prezes from the beginning to get rid of as "an avenge"

You could not know it, by the way, but USA were also meddling in Russia civil war after 1917 revolution on the side of the old regime.