Sunday, July 10, 2011

For Thomas Friedman, colonialism is "wholesale politics"

Thomas Friedman thinks the process of having subject rulers in colonies such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Kuwait and others prevent the people they rule from enacting policies in line with their views is "wholesale politics".

If you look into the different “shop” windows across the Middle East, it is increasingly apparent that the Arab uprisings are bringing to a close the era of “Middle East Wholesale” and ushering in the era of “Middle East Retail.” Everyone is going to have to pay more for their stability.

Nothing to say here except these shops don't sell rugs, they sell tyranny, repression and brutality for over 100 million Arabs so that 5.7 million Jewish people in Palestine can have a viable state.

Thomas Friedman, like Barack Obama, is an eager buyer of this product. Lamenting the possibility that it may no longer be on sale after Egypt holds elections (for which, as you'd expect, they've found pretexts under which they would like to see delays).

There is a fundamental ugliness of the United States that comes most clearly into view when you look at its policies regarding the Middle East.

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Anonymous said...

I think Freedman accidentally slipped this one:

"With a more democratic Arab world, where everyone can vote, that would be a disaster for Israel."

This is pretty much what you've been saying all along Arnold. You should start quoting that line on your future posts. Nothing is more authoritative than what comes straight from the horse's mouth.