Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Jordan and Saudi Arabia vow to oppose democracy together

After Mubarak was removed from office, possibly the two most striking examples of the US/Zionist colonial structure remain Saudi Arabia and Jordan. These two have made a public declaration of their intention to work together to maintain their dictatorships that are accountable to the US rather than to the people they rule.
During talks in Jeddah, Jordan's King Abdullah II and Saudi King Abdullah discussed the 'latest Arab and regional developments and the political situation through which a number of Arab countries are passing,' according to a joint statement.

The Jordanian head of state and the Saudi king expressed 'keenness on continuing consultations and coordination with a view to preserving security and stability in the region and boosting joint Arab action vis-a-vis various challenges,' said a statement published by the Petra news agency.
Sympathizers with the US/Zionist colonial structure are recently telling a story that the US is trying to convince the governments that are accountable to it to transition to democracy, but the colonies are refusing, which proves that the colonies are independent.

The US pressures its colonies in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Kuwait and others with real tangible consequences if they, for example, fund Hamas or cut intelligence cooperation with Israel. The US could pressure the governments that are aligned with it in the region to hold contested elections far more easily than it pressures them to cooperate with Israel. The US chooses not to use its leverage that way, exactly because the US is committed to maintaining a colonies over more than 100 million people in the Middle East rather than allow a threat to Israel's viability to emerge.
"Not every country will follow our particular form of representative democracy, and there will be times when our short term interests do not align perfectly with our long term vision of the region."

-Barack Obama
For now, the region is waiting on Egypt, to see what emerges there and how the US reacts to it. But once that issue is settled, the other dictators of the US/Zionist colonial structure are not well positioned in their fight on the US and Israel's behalf against both their own people and history.

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Anonymous said...

Great post!

I think the current Saudi ruling family at max can hold onto power for only one more generation. I'd be surprised if they lasted more than 10-20 years. The Saudi ruling elite and their American pardons don't understand the dynamic of the forces involved. The current waves of unrests sweeping across the region are generational and have taken decades to form. These things don't happen on a dime, and they don't reverse easily either.