Tuesday, July 12, 2011

According to Livni: Europeans starting to talk about 1-state solution

It is interesting that the Jerusalem Post does not produce a direct quote or include discussion of length to its statement that former Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni said that Europeans were beginning to talk about a one state solution.
The fact that Europeans are starting to talk about a one-state solution shows that Israel's standing in the world is sliding, opposition leader Tzipi Livni told Army Radio on Monday.

"There are many Jews around the world who say they love Israel, but do not understand its policies. They say there is a disconnect between them and the state," Livni said.
It could be that the idea of Zionism ending the way Apartheid did, without any representative state remaining is too painful for the staff, writers and editors of the Jerusalem Post to discuss in any detail.

The alternative to ending Zionism, to the one state that Livni and the Jerusalem Post fear, is that over 100 million people must be ruled by colonial-style dictatorships accountable to Israel's allies and benefactors rather than to their own people.

The people ruled by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Kuwait and others being sacrificed to Zionism, to the idea that 5.7 million Jewish people in Palestine must have a reserved-majority state.

This reality is hard to face sometimes, not only for Livni but maybe more importantly for the American leadership apparatus.

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