Monday, November 07, 2011

Moon of Alabama catches two major nuclear-related lies in one month

Not much for me to add here. First the US and Western nuclear policy communities were astir over the idea that a yarn-knitting facility in Syria was actually a planned centrifuge facility. It turns out, and members of the Western nuclear policy community now admit, that the accusation was just false.

I want to give full credit for that to "b" from Moon of Alabama here.

Shortly thereafter, we learned that there is supposedly a steel tube in Iran that can be used to test triggers for nuclear devices. The expertise to use this tube was supposedly transferred to Iran from a Ukrainian nuclear weapons scientist named Vyacheslav Danilenko.

Danilenko is not a nuclear scientist but works on an industrial process that makes small diamonds used industrially to polish smooth surfaces.

Thanks again to b at MoonOfAlabama. A place I need to visit more frequently.

So what does this all mean?

There is exactly one reason Iran having technology that could in theory be used to create a nuclear weapon is more sinister than Japan or Brazil having such technology. Iran is close to Israel and Brazil is not.

Barack Obama, David Sanger - one of the New York Times' primary scare-mongers regarding Iran - and David Albright - one the the Western press' main sources for anti-Iran nuclear information - are each committed to the idea that Israel must have a nuclear advantage over all of its neighbors and are each willing to blatantly lie if necessary toward that end.

Once the United States committed that six million Jewish people must be dominant over more than 400 million people in the region, then modern colonialism in the US' relations with Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE and others, murders of scientists, sanctions, government-created computer viruses and attempts to deny industrialization and large swaths of technology to large populations follow directly from that commitment.

Obama, Sanger and Albright are proponents of that commitment. Distortions and lies meant to harm Iran for Israel's sake are going to come from these three faster than even b can debunk them.


b said...

Thanks Arnold! I got lucky I guess.

And its good to see you back blogging.

George Carty said...

It's not just that Iran is close to Israel -- it's that some people believe that the Shi'a culture of martyrdom may make Iran willing to commit national suicide in order to destroy Israel.  (I don't think this is true, but many of the US hawks presumably believe it.)

Lidia said...

Dear b, I thank you too here, if you are here :) The whole story of the former USSR scientist fulls me by nostalgia  of my forever lost motherland - the land of science, culture and ideas of human equality. 

By the way, Cole got a piece on the "Iran threat" as well, and he  omits   Obama's role in warmongering, as usual. 

Even when Cole could say some truth, it should be subjugated to his pro-Obama imperialism. 

Of course, the person who supports other lies by Obama (regarding Libya, for ex.) is not in a good position to derail lies of USA rulers.

Lidia said...

By the way of "Danilenko the nuclear weapon scientist" - just look at bad faith "refutation" of Porter by one Cheryl Rofer

Some people do not eve try to look honest - why, they still have their supporters - just now there are two in comments. 

GC, why do not put  "Shi'a culture of martyrdom" in inverted commas? Why repeat Zionist/imperialist propaganda? This propaganda would use any lie and distortion instead of simply admitting that Zionist colonization of the ME and support from USA made Israel/USA a foe for almost every non-Zionist person of the ME (and for quite a few beyond)