Saturday, November 05, 2011

Egypt's military proposes that the defense budget be kept secret

This seems to me like the type of proposal that would, unfortunately originate from Barack Obama's US State Department.
Concerns were heightened this week when the military-backed interim government announced parameters for writing Egypt's new constitution. The proposals allow the generals to appoint 80% of the constitutional committee. They also state that the defense budget would be kept secret and the military would be the "guardian" of the constitution, raising the possibility of intervention in legislative and presidential affairs.
Keeping the defense budget secret is the exact measure necessary to make Egypt's relationship with the United States, which is implemented by US public and non-public contributions to various members of Egypt's military, immune from popular accountability.

Simply put, in 2011, in the Middle East, under Barack Obama, the United States is not a force for good. The United States is the most active opponent of democracy in that region and probably in the world.

There is not much more to say other than hoping the people of Egypt, along with the people of the US colonies of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE and others are successful in their efforts to break from the grip of the colonial structure Obama and the US hold in place for the sake of Israel.

When a $15 trillion country like the US goes to a relatively poor country like Egypt, or Jordan, or Saudi Arabia, or the other colonies - as was the case with Great Britain when it was the world hegemon - and asks does anyone want to accept a lot of money to be our stooge, somebody is going to say yes.

If it was not Tantawi or one of the Abdullahs it would be someone else. The problem is not the stooges, the problem is the US in 2011 being as opposed to locally accountable government as Great Britain was in 1811.

This is really not in line with the US' professed values, and does not match the US' post-cold war behavior anywhere else in the world. But this US colonialism is what is needed for Israel to remain a viable Jewish political majority state. Equivalently something like it would have been needed if the US persisted in John F. Kennedy's, Ronald Reagan's and Dick Cheney's commitment to supporting a White political majority state in South Africa.

But all good people wish the people of Egypt, as well as the people of Libya and others in the region good luck and strength in the very trying situation they find themselves it because of the United States.

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