Monday, January 31, 2011

Remember Arnon Soffer said that every day Mubarak and Jordan's Abdullah remain in power, Israel has earned another day?

About 85 million Egyptians live under a dictator today so that Israel can continue earning days. Instead, maybe the 7.5 million Israelis should live under a dictator who accepts Palestinian refugees and doesn't demand an ethnic majority state. Then 85 million Egyptians can peacefully have a democracy. Fortunately South Africa provides a model where a group can give up an ethnic majority state without a dictator but the callousness, the racism of the idea that Egypt under a dictator is a good thing is breathtaking. Even more so when it comes from someone named Barack Hussein Obama, who is the president of the United States.

But here, mainly so it will be easier to find this quote later, again is Mr. Soffer speaking on Egypt:
Every morning, when I read the papers and see that Jordanian King Abdullah II is healthy and Mubarak is still alive, I know we've earned another day. I live with the sense that one day we will wake up to the news of a coup in Jordan and Egypt. And woe is the day when insane Islam takes over those two countries. In other words, in spite of everything he does, Mubarak is still among our friends. He's also got problems.
The people of Egypt are now demonstrating that they are no longer willing to be held under tyranny for the comfort of a small number of people like Arnon Soffer.


Anonymous said...

I think there's a better option for Israel--it can decide to become part of the neighborhood it lives in, rather than hostile to it.

Zionist ideology demands an internally conflicted set of identities -- European Jews seek to live in the old "homeland" but as Europeans, separate and disdainful if not murderous toward the natives in their old homeland, yet with the proselytizing mission of imposing European values on the natives. The final insane twist is that had Jews stayed in their homeland rather than migrate to numerous foreign lands where the trade was better, or the universities finer, they would have been the "natives" of the land of Palestine.
This indulgent identity crisis is costing the lives and treasures of millions of people. It is time for Israelis to grow up.

lidia said...

Zionism is a colonial ideology pure and simple - nothing "conflicting" there. It is impossible to implant colonial settlers into natives' land as long as they do not cease to be settlers.

And, by the way, a lot of Jews lived in the ME before Zionism and they were NOT interested in "return" to Palestine, even though they easily could do it - it was then a part of their state - Ottoman empire.