Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sorry for posting so little lately

This is really a case of writer's block. Recently I've been participating in comments discussions at, but mostly writing things I've already written here.

Generally, the way Zionism has given colonialism a second wind is a very interesting subject. How the relationship the US has with Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and UAE is really unlike its relationships anywhere else in the world and identical to Imperial Britain's relationship with those countries and others when that relationship was openly and congratulatorily described as colonial.

My thoughts on this haven't firmed up into anything worthy of an article, beyond the articles I've already written.

Anyway, as always I remain open for suggestions for articles or questions.


Anonymous said...

Great article on the leading Arab Uncle Tom. They even call him Uncle Zogby.

Arnold Evans said...

When you said leading Arab Uncle Tom, I thought you meant one of the Abdullahs or Mubarak. I guess they are more like Arab Mobutus or Savimbis.