Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Will we ever see a debate between Ahmadinejad and Obama?

There is a serious fundamental disagreement between the United States and most people of the Middle East that most Americans do not understand even exists. The United States holds a position, that Israel's security is the paramount consideration in Middle East policy - if necessary to the detriment of far greater numbers of people who do not happen to be Jewish, that is not defensible in terms of American values.

This is the exact situation in which public debates, public discussions with formal rules to ensure that each side is able to present its points can actually produce progress. Ahmadinejad against any member of the Obama administration. Barack Obama against any member of the Iranian foreign policy establishment, any official member of one establishment against any official member of the other. These are events that have the potential to accelerate the process of reshaping US regional priorities.

I hope to see more calls for debate and discussion made by Middle Eastern opponents of Zionism.

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lidia said...

Arnold, but Americans KNOW that Iranians (or at least their rulers) are all crazy and anti-Semitic. What good it would bring to hear what crazy Anti-Semits have to say :(

To tell you truth, I do not believe that debates between parties which are SO wide apart could be successful. Only relatively minor disagreements could be resolved by such method.