Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fiancé of slain Iranian protester Neda Soltan meets Peres

Not much to say. Caspian Makan is a grieving fiancé, nobody expects him to take into consideration the public relations impact of his moves. Shimon Peres is a professional politician, one of the most successful in Israel. Peres just made a breathtakingly stupid move in meeting Makan.

Israel is a tiny country. All of its positions of authority and decision-making are drawn from a small pool of competitors. It is possible to become prominent in Israeli politics without being particularly talented by world standards.


Lysander said...

Is it possible this was a deliberate move by Iran's government? Either a way to relay a diplomatic message? Or a move to give Israel a false impression? After all, the more Israel believes a friendly opposition may take over in Iran someday soon, the more clumsy its political moves may be.

Or Maybe Perez really doesn't care about domestic Iranian opinion and seeks only to bolster the Green movement in Europe or the US.

This is pure speculation of course. Press tv doesn't seem to mention it. I wonder if the Farsi language press has any info about it.

Arnold Evans said...

Peres' office orchestrated it. I can't see any impact except to discredit the Green movement in Iran, but this is not something Iran could have arranged.

I can't see any other explanation except that Peres is not able to understand what this visit means. Not only because he isn't politically gifted enough, but probably more because he does not understand opposition to Zionism.

Either way, not a big event, but a bizarre one.

lidia said...

Arnold, you could be interested to know that in Israel Peres is NOT seen as "one of the most successful". There was a famous public question of him - Am I a looser? -which was answered by chorus of "Yes, you are" from his own party :)

of course, the meeting is a clear sign for anyone who is interested in SEEING things