Friday, November 30, 2007

Everyone Is Saying Suleiman Is In

It sounds plausible to me.

"In order to permit further consultations toward reaching a consensus on the election of a new president, the speaker decided to postpone the session scheduled for tomorrow until Friday December 7 at 1:00 p.m.," said a statement issued by Berri's office late Thursday.

Observers said that the sixth postponement was different from the previous ones, since the identity of the next president is apparently no longer subject to debate, with the focus now shifting to finding the most suitable constitutional scenario for having Suleiman elected.

Suleiman will not try to disarm Hezbollah, will not enter a strategic partnership with the United States and will not interfere with the next parliamentary elections. Lebanon is still in a stalemate until the next elections, but Suleiman's election does not change the situation to either side's advantage.

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Ziad said...

A number of blogs have depicted this as a U.S. concession in exchange for Syrian participation in Annapolis. If so the Syrian regime isn't as stupid as I thought, exchanging a visit by a mid level official for a deal that lets them conduct business as usual in Lebanon. Suleiman has definately not been anti-Hizbollah.

Then again, perhaps the U.S. had little choice. Siniora declaring himself head of state risked total collapse of the government.

Honestly, if the U.S.-Israel combine could not keep control of Lebanon in 1982 with 170,000 Israeli troops (not to mention some U.S. troops,) they aren't going to do it now.