Thursday, November 29, 2012

Not rooting for Morsi, but rooting for democracy

To be clear again, I don't think of myself as necessarily a fan of Morsi - even though I am impressed that he is doing a good job preventing the SCAF from delivering the "monopoly over many aspects of foreign affairs" that it was until this summer very confident it could give the US.

I'm a fan of the people of Egypt selecting a leader, and selecting representatives in Parliament and that ruler and those representatives serving until the next election, held when the rules say they will be held, then Egypt's voters can choose again. I'm also a fan of the people the Egyptians select being the actual people who make policy in their country, as opposed to unelected groups carving out monopolies to serve foreign interests.

If we saw that in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and the other US colonies in the region then Zionism would not be viable, Iran would be maybe the fourth or fifth biggest threat to Israel's security, Israel would probably sue for peace the way the White South Africans did and a tremendous amount of misery in the forms of sanctions, stooge dictatorships, captured political officials, annulments of parliaments, drone strikes, blockades, invasions and imposed civil wars in that region would be averted.

I'm much less concerned with the names of the leaders or their parties. I don't root for any party, I just root for voters to decide and for the elected officials to have true policy making authority while being accountable to their own people.

The United States and the West - because of Zionism - oppose that and alongside that cause almost immeasurable amounts of pain and destruction throughout the region of the Middle East. That's why the United States is a horribly evil country measured on the basis of its own proclaimed values.


Lidia said...

It is exactly what I say when asked about support for Hamas, for ex. As long as a body is anti-colonialist I am for it.

Of course, in Egypt now there is a lot of powers and sides, it seems that some pro-Mubarak forces like generals are willing to help Morsi, and some anti-MB opposition is very much beholden to USA and thus - to Zionism. 

In USA between imperialists there is a discord as well, Cole being against Morsi is just one side of it. Of course, I understand the wish to support anything Cole are against in the ME, but even though Cole has no shame in his colonialism, just negating his position could not be the right choice. 

I have a faith in Egyptian people, even when USA, GCC and Zionists try their best to keep them colonized.

Arnold Evans said...

Nobody in the opposition seems to be calling for elections, or trying to make an argument that will cause the people of Egypt to vote against the referendum.

Until someone outvotes the Islamists, I think the Islamists are the legitimate makers of Egyptian policy.

Lidia said...

But Morsi is claiming powers he got not voters' consent for. The voters had not been asked to give him dictator's power. And while some parts of Mubarak regime oppose him (judges, for ex), some part (generals) support him and his decrees for military trail of civilians. More than that, Hillary support him! 

In short, SOME of opposition is not trustworthy, but only some of it, and Morsi is not waging the power he got a popular mandate for.

Do not forget also the dirty role of USA and Gulf royals in elections. MB could be elected but it does not mean than after elections they could do what they please, esp. with Hillary support.

Arnoldfan said...

"In the face of that, I hope I can at least tell the truth.."

" "I haven't seen any verified fact that is inconsistent with Syria dealing with peaceful protests mostly reasonably."

-Arnold Evans.


SimonLewis said...

"Nobody in the opposition seems to be calling for elections"
Mmm, that doesnt seem to be true.

Lidia said...

No matter whether it is true, to cite JP the Zionist propaganda sheet/shit is a sign of who is the commentor.