Wednesday, May 02, 2012

You don't actually believe the Saudi Egyptian "crisis" is over protests in front of the embassy, do you?

While Egypt is not yet independent, it does seem to be making steps in that direction. The modern colonial pro-US dictatorship has bowed to the will of the Egyptian people on the Suez gas issue because it did not want the issue to be active at the very time the dictatorship and the Obama administration are hoping to have a constitution written that would allow US control of Egyptian foreign policy to continue with a democratic veneer.

But somehow, some way, for decades, Saudi Arabia has found a way to be in some level of conflict with every group in the Middle East that opposes Israel. This time it is the voters of Egypt.

We will know that the string of colonies that the United States maintains in the Middle East on Israel's behalf has collapsed when we see voters elect a representative government in what is now called Saudi Arabia and that government has the power to control policy.

This is what the Barack Obama administration has pledged to train and equip a 30,000 person force to prevent. This is why Barack Obama is a disgusting person, measured by the professed founding values of the United States.

So a few things about this supposed crisis where Saudi Arabia has recalled its ambassador and closed its embassy. First, Saudi Arabia is not independent. If Barack Obama did not want it to happen, it would not have happened. Second, the purpose of these theatrics is to discredit the idea of popular influence over foreign policy, not only in Egypt but throughout the Arab world, especially in the US colonies of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, UAE and others.

Last, Saudi Arabia settling onto the side of Israel in opposition to Egypt's voters is more likely than not to ultimately backfire. It reflects more negatively on Saudi Arabia's membership in the US/Israeli Middle East colonial structure than it does on the people of Egypt protesting an unjust and politically motivated prosecution of an Egyptian.


Lidia said...

Every time Obama or Hillary opens mouth about 'democracy" in the ME - usually to attack Iran or Syria, it is enough to google Saudi Arabia+Obama or +Hillary and see results :)

By the way of "a disgusting person". Cole calls not only Egypt and Tunisia "new democracies", but Libya and Yemen as well! This man has no shame whatsoever. 

Arnold Evans said...

Cole does what he can.  He's a Democrat and he'd be honored to be considered the same type of person as Obama. If Obama is the current version of Cecil Rhodes, then Cole would like nothing more than to be the same thing.

When the US had a Republican president, I mistakenly thought Juan Cole was an anti-imperialist.  Crazy right?

George Carty said...

I don't think you can compare Obama -- someone who is reluctantly imperialist, and mainly for Israel's sake -- with an open and proud imperialist like Cecil Rhodes...

Lidia said...

Rhodes, while being a wholesale robber and murderer was still a relatively small fry between colonialists.  Obama is waging several colonial wars at once and threating  even more. How he feels about this is not really so important.

And I wonder since when Honduras, Haiti, Cuba or North Korea are  victims of Zionists masters of Obama. I have  no love lost for Zionists, but they are not complicit in every single act of USA imperialism.