Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why the US is sanctioning Iran

There is not much happening of strategic importance regarding Iran. The story that the United States is introducing new sanctions wouldn't even be worthy of a post except that Iran is one of the countries that I'm committed to writing about regularly.

What the US is doing is forcing Iran to find alternatives to the US-led economic system. These alternatives, once developed, become available to any country that leaves the US/Zionist colonial structure and to the rest of the world as well. So Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Kuwait and others that are now pro-US colonial dictatorships will have an easier time once they achieve independence.

Russia, along with every country that is not dedicated to ensuring that 5.7 million Jewish people in Palestine have a political majority state, finds these sanctions an unnecessary annoyance.
The unilateral sanctions imposed by the United States against two Iranian companies have raised serious questions, said the Russian Foreign Ministry on Friday.

The ministry said in a statement that the sanctions, imposed on Iran's national airline Iran Air and the country's major port operator Tidewater Middle East, had a negative effect on the authority of the UN Security Council and also had the potential to threaten Russian businesses working with these companies.
Barack Obama's hope that any significant amount of Iranians may decide they'd rather have the policies of the Shah or of the US' current colonial subjects in exchange for lifting these sanctions will not be reached even with far more onerous sanctions than we are seeing. Another hope that members of the current US colonial structure will be intimidated by these sanctions to remain under US control is a total waste of time. If there are elections, then sanctions or not the US-leaning parties are going to lose power. As long as there are no elections, then pro-US dictatorships will remain in power regardless of any example set against Iran.

The primary motivation of all of the sanctions against Iran are that since Iran is not a member of the US/Zionist colonial structure and therefore is a potential threat to Israel, the US would like it to be as poor as possible, under any possible pretext. If only to restrict the amount of resources Iran would be able to use to help Palestinian groups.


Cyrus said...

The sanctions on Iran Air were a way for David Cohen to get promoted.

lidia said...

Arnold, have your read end of 2010 poll of Iranians? Very telling, even though the pollsters' comments are often stupid. Of course, the support for Ahmadinejad is the same as he got in 2009 elections :)


Arnold Evans said...


I wish the poll results from the region were more widely followed.

There is a major problem in Western analysis especially regarding the Middle East which is that Westerners with agendas, usually pro-Israel agendas deign to be able to speak for the people of the Middle East.

There is a significant number of polls available and the people of the Middle East can, through them, speak for themselves.

Judosv said...