Saturday, February 05, 2011

Hillary Clinton's conditions for participation in Egyptian politics

There is one thing the US can say regarding Egypt. It can threaten to remove its support for the current regime, or it can say nothing. If it was up to the US, Mubarak would never be leaving. The US has no more power to save Suleiman than it has to save Mubarak. It is not up the the US. The US can pressure Mubarak out, but it cannot keep Suleiman in.

The question is under what conditions would the people in the square accept Suleiman. I'm not sure, but they are clearly different from the conditions Hillary Clinton would want to impose.
Mrs. Clinton highlighted the dangers of holding elections without adequate preparation. To take part in Egypt’s new order, she said, political parties should renounce violence as a tool of coercion, pledge to respect the rights of minorities, and show tolerance. The White House has signaled that it is open to a dialogue with the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist group that Israeli officials and others warn could put Egypt on a path to extremism.
It doesn't seem like Suleiman's NDP could take part in Egypt's new order, by Clinton's rules.

But she and her country are totally irrelevant in this situation, and more irrelevant because the US never sided with the protesters even after it was clear the protesters had won.


Lysander said...

Arnold, how would you assess the chances of the opposition now?

Also, is it possible for the opposition to consolidate some gains even if Mubarak hangs on till September? Such as end of emergency law, release of political prisoners and total revamp of election law?

Also, how could the opposition survive if the Current regime stays? After all, the government can promise the sun and the stars today and then arrest all the oppo leaders after the protests die down.

Atlanta Roofing said...

This administration is handling this uprising like it handled the one in Iran. That is, to say very little beyond espousing platitudes about freedom, while otherwise standing to the side, mouths slightly agape, making a "duh" sound in unison.Obama has embraced CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood in the USA. His marxist friends are no doubt assisting them in going viral in our institutions causing great damage.Obama is doing everything he can to achieve this.

lidia said...

AR is SOOOOOOOOOO right. Just look at USA founding Iran's "greens" and 24/7 support of them in USA media. Not mentioning VERY different speeches by Clinton and Obama - google them and see.

But what could one expect from the person talking about "marxist friends" of Obama :) Sure, and Reagan was a great statesmen, and Rembo won Vietnam war...

Bahram said...

Got to love American logic!

Mubarak-rules Egypt for thirty years= Not a Dictator.

Ahmadinejad- Wins 63% of the vote In a massive 85% turnout election. (Backed up by ever Independant Poll conducted before and after the elections)= Dictator

Arnold Evans said...

I'm still very impressed by the protesters. They are going against the state, which is difficult, but they are well led and have some assets of their own.

The protests are continuing and 1) can expand just naturally and 2) are in a position to respond to future now-unpredictable events.