Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Anything going on outside of Iran?

I'm going to try to get 5 posts in a row, after this one, that do not mention Iran at all. Iran has taken the role as by far the most effective opposition to US/Israeli hegemony not only right now, but of this generation. The dispute in the Middle East today is the dispute between Iran and the US and Israel. The dispute is over the Palestinians, but those in the West Bank are indirectly ruled by the Americans and those in Gaza are largely, though not fully boxed in directly by the Egyptians and indirectly by the Americans.

The Palestinians, sadly and due to huge expenditures of resources by the US and Israel, are not the most important direct agents in the campaign for the recognition of their rights.

The Saudi and Egyptian leaders are still solidly in the pro-US/Israel camp but have not seemed to be moving independently in any interesting way.

Iran has had a dramatic last few months, but even though it is not widely understood, Iran has reached a steady state. Iran will discuss fueling its medical reactor and will be in somewhat broad talks with the US over its nuclear program and it will not suspend enrichment.

So we'll see what we can come up with outside of Iran to write about.


lidia said...

I just found a bit of news about the ME that could not pass uncommented! http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20091013/ap_on_go_ca_st_pe/us_us_afghanistan
I esp. liked this paragraph

"On Tuesday, one U.S. military official said discussions within the Obama administration are ongoing about whether it is even possible to "surge" enough troops to overcome the corruption" and how crucial a legitimate government in Afghanistan is to the overall war strategy."

So, troops are going to "overcome the corruption" and legitimate government in Afghanistan is someting that could be helpful (or not) for USA war!

Really, who needs comedians with such news articles (and it is not a fault of a writer, but of a newsmakers)

Lysander said...

An obvious topic, one I'm sure you've considered and have written about before, is Turkey's relations with the west and Israel in particular. It seems to be Erdogan's position to wean Turkey away from its ties to Israel but has to do so slowly to keep the Military on board.

Since the U.S. and Israel have acted against Turkish interests in Iraq, the Military may be more open to the Islamists' point of view than before.

the implications of a strategic shift in Turkey's position are substantial. Its far too early to predict it, but a Turkey-Iran alliance of some sort would be extremely powerful.

lidia said...

In Israel there is a real hysterical reaction on Turkish film about IOF murdering children. Of course, Zionists are not happy being showed as they are to all world (I suppose the film could be popular in the ME)