Saturday, December 29, 2007

Barak Obama: Far Too Sensible to Be Electable

Would Barak Obama have won the US presidency if he did not hold this position? Maybe, maybe not. Is it possible that he could win with this position? Absolutely not.

And I've already said as president, immediately upon inauguration, I will begin to organize a summit with all the Muslim leaders around the world and have a direct conversation with them, our friends and our enemies, about how we can align the Muslim world against these barbaric actions, against terrorism. I believe that part of that will be to begin phasing out our occupation in Iraq, part of it will involve talking to actors like Iran and Syria, to get them to act more responsibly, part of it will be for us to shut down Guantanamo and restore habeas corpus and send a signal to the world that we're doing things differently. That's the kind of non-conventional thinking and approach that we're going to have to take to reverse the decline in our moral standing around the world that inhibits our ability to actually take on terrorism. That's what it's going to take to make us safer and that's what I intend to do as President of the United States.

The remaining question is will the United States continue to watch its global power decrease while losing its inherently unwinnable Global War Over the Legitimacy of Israel for four, eight or more years after 2008 is over?

Putin in Russia and Hu in China are hoping for at least eight. Olmert hopes the same for different reasons. The people of Iraq, Pakistan, the entire Muslim world and the United States would be much better off if it was shorter.

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Ziad said...

I'm much more of a Ron Paul man, myself. I've been impressed with him since about 4 years ago when I first read his speeches, reprinted on

Granted, he's a bit of a longshot himself, but he has the advantage over Obama of being a wasp (not to be discounted) and also his desire to avoid foreign adventures entirely. That's a very popular position among a large core of Americans who have heretofore been politically inactive. Its also quite distinct from Obama who seeks a kinder, softer form of interventionism (read; velvet glove over the iron fist)

Also, Ron Paul's otherwise conservative positions can form a left-right antiwar coalition of sorts.

Here's to hoping, anyway